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Fiche d'identité
VL 92,63 EUR (23/03/2017)
Devise Euro (EUR)
Domicile Luxembourg (LU)
Code ISIN ? LU1013051393
Société de gestion La Française AM
Type d'investisseur ? Tous souscripteurs
Indice de référence ? FTSE
Gérant Jana Sehnalova
Date de création 03/03/2014
Freq. valorisation Quotidien
Juridique SICAV
Capi/Distri ? Distribution
Part couverte ? Non
Fonds de Fonds ? Non
Fonds ISR ? Non
ETF ? Non
Eligible P.E.A. ? Non
Eligible P.E.A. PME ? Non
Catégorie Quantalys ? Actions Sectorielles Immobilier

Description de la catégorie ? Les fonds de cette catégorie investissent dans des actions de sociétés du secteur de l’immobilier. Un portefeuille composé d'actions d'un seul secteur est généralement plus volatil qu'un portefeuille diversifié en termes d'exposition sectorielle.

Objectif de gestion ? The objective of the Sub-Fund is to achieve high-dividend income and capital appreciation via investments in equity securities of closedended REITs1 and other real estate companies -in developed and emerging markets. These investments are supported by strong fundamental analysis of return and risk and selected from an independent universe assembled by the Investment Manager of about of about 700 global real estate companies. It is intended to achieve an outperformance of the dividend yield offered by the benchmark (as indicated below) on annual basis. The Sub-Fund concentrates its investments in a portfolio of equity investments in issuers that are primarily engaged in or related to the real estate industry globally, including developed and emerging markets. An issuer is primarily engaged to the real estate industry if it derives at least 50% of its gross revenues or net profits from the ownership, development, construction, financing, management or sale of commercial, industrial or residential real estate or interests therein or has 50% of its assets in real estate or real estate interests. Real estate industry companies may include real estate investment trusts (“REITs”), tax transparent real estate companies or real estate operating companies whose businesses and services are related to the real estate industry. The Sub-Fund primarily buys common stock (minimum 60% exposure) but can also invest in preferred stock (maximum 10 %) or debt securities (maximum 10%) of issuers in the real estate industry, subject to risk diversification requirements. The Sub-Fund uses, as a reference, the FTSE EPRA/NAREIT Developed Total Return index (used for reference only, given that the Sub-Fund is not benchmark-aware or managed towards a certain tracking error). The Bloomberg ticker for the benchmark is RNGL Index in EUR). The Sub-Fund may invest in the following geographical regions: - Asia/Pacific; - Americas; and - Europe, Middle East and Africa. The sectorial diversification in any one sector shall be decided by the Investment Manager from time to time, in the best interest of the Sub- Fund and its Shareholders. The information with regards to the sectorial diversification shall be available at the registered office of the Company. The Sub-Fund may invest no more than 10% in the money market instruments of any single issuer, bank certificates of deposit and bankers’ acceptances, provided that it may invest up to 30% in investment grade Government securities. Moreover, the Sub-Fund may acquire no more than (i) 10% of the non-voting shares of the same issuer; (ii) 10% of the debt securities of the same issuer; and (iii) 10% of the money market instrument of any single issuer.

Région d'investissement Monde

Frais de souscription maxi ? 5 %
Frais de rachat maxi ? Néant
Frais de gestion maxi ? 2 %
Frais courants ? 2,59 %
Commission de surperformance ? Néant
Investissement Minimum
Investissement initial minimum ? -
Investissement suivant minimum ? -
Dans quelles assurances vie trouver ce fonds ?
Contrats grand public Nécessite une licence
Contrats CGPI Nécessite une licence Pro ou Pro+
Tous les contrats Nécessite une licence Pro ou Pro+
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La liste des parts du fonds nécessite une licence Pro+
Certaines des informations contenues dans les rubriques 'Gestion' et 'Frais' sont extraites du prospectus du fonds. L'objectif de gestion peut regrouper l'objectif de gestion et une partie de la stratégie d'investissement. Ni le gérant ni l'indice ne sont nécessairement à jour. Les différents frais indiqués sont les maximum mentionnés dans le prospectus, les frais effectivement perçus peuvent être différents.
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Prospectus DICI
lundi 27 mars 2017
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