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Fiche d'identité
VL 82,63 EUR (28/02/2017)
Devise Euro (EUR)
Domicile Luxembourg (LU)
Code ISIN ? LU0306261339
Société de gestion Pictet Asset Management
Type d'investisseur ? Tous souscripteurs
Indice de référence ?
Gérant Vincent Cadet
Date de création 31/07/2007
Freq. valorisation Mensuel
Juridique SICAV
Capi/Distri ? Capitalisation
Part couverte ? Oui
Fonds de Fonds ? Non
Fonds ISR ? Non
ETF ? Non
Eligible P.E.A. ? Non
Eligible P.E.A. PME ? Non
Catégorie Quantalys ? Performance absolue euro multi classe d'actifs

Description de la catégorie ? Les fonds de cette catégorie ont pour objectif d'atteindre une performance positive sur la durée d'investissement recommandée quelle que soit la configuration des marchés en appliquant une ou plusieurs stratégies à au moins 2 classes d'actifs (devises, taux, actions, produits liés à la volatilité, etc.).

Objectif de gestion ? The Fund seeks to achieve long-term, risk-adjusted capital appreciation mainly by investing its assets in a diversified portfolio of UCIs using non-conventional or alternative asset management strategies. There can be no assurance that the Fund will achieve its objectives. The Fund may also invest in traditional asset classes directly or through the use of UCIs. MOSAIC TRADING operates as a fund of funds, investing primarily its assets in a portfolio of UCIs, which are generically known as Hedge Funds, mainly managed by independent investment managers worldwide having the possibility of using alternative asset management strategies, as further described in Annex I of this Prospectus. The Fund may also invest directly in other type of securities such as equities, debt securities and private equity products worldwide. A) RATIONALE FOR ALTERNATIVE ASSET MANAGEMENT Traditional asset management is based on the theory of market efficiency. Participation in the markets has a direct correlation to the economy at large. The ability to outperform markets, however, is contingent upon assuming additional risk. This is reflected through individual share volatility and general market behavior which is defined as systemic risk. In contrast, alternative asset management assumes that markets are inherently inefficient over certain periods of time and attempts to capitalise on opportunities produced. The strategies used to do so attempt not to increase the overall risk profile and indeed in most cases strive to reduce it. Their ability to do so is predicated on many of the characteristics which clearly differentiate them from their traditional counterparts. Traditional asset management focuses on the comparative performance of the long investment portfolio in relation to an appropriate index or benchmark. Portfolio indexation has led to a largely passive investment approach which is measured in relative terms. Alternative asset management is a much more dynamic approach as it seeks to outperform in all market conditions through its combined long and short exposure. These strategies seek to achieve absolute rather than index-related performance. Alternative asset management strategies are not constrained to investing in, and maintaining only long positions in, equities and bonds. They have the distinct ability to use both long and short positions within their strategic constructs. Both traditional and alternative investment styles may use derivative instruments for hedging and position-building purposes. Outright and directional positions, however, may also be used to various degrees within alternative portfolios dependent on investment style. Leverage, while generally not being permitted in traditional strategies, may be used to a significant degree in certain alternative investment strategies. However, a hedge fund does not necessarily make use of leverage.

Frais de souscription maxi ? 3,5 %
Frais de rachat maxi ? 3 %
Frais de gestion maxi ? Néant
Frais courants ? -
Commission de surperformance ? Néant
Investissement Minimum
Investissement initial minimum ? 10 000 USD
Investissement suivant minimum ? -
Dans quelles assurances vie trouver ce fonds ?
Contrats grand public Nécessite une licence
Contrats CGPI Nécessite une licence Pro ou Pro+
Tous les contrats Nécessite une licence Pro ou Pro+
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La liste des parts du fonds nécessite une licence Pro+
Certaines des informations contenues dans les rubriques 'Gestion' et 'Frais' sont extraites du prospectus du fonds. L'objectif de gestion peut regrouper l'objectif de gestion et une partie de la stratégie d'investissement. Ni le gérant ni l'indice ne sont nécessairement à jour. Les différents frais indiqués sont les maximum mentionnés dans le prospectus, les frais effectivement perçus peuvent être différents.
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samedi 25 mars 2017
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